Health Insurance Renewed, ACH Origination Agreement Tabled

WAYNE – Along with talking roads and other county necessities, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners focused mainly on two topics Monday morning.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, the board of equalization was scheduled to meet but county assessor, Dawn Duffy said she had no real property to report for the March 19 tax assessment roll.

Moving into the commissioners meeting, Steve Muir with Elkhorn Valley Insurance reported to the board about renewing their current health insurance plan with United Healthcare (UHC).

After making a change last year with a higher deductible and higher self-funding, it was stated there were minimal changes to this year’s plan. The board approved the 10.3% premium increase and will stay with United Healthcare for 2019-20. The renewal date will take place September 1, 2019.

Wayne county has 43 individuals on their insurance plan.

Commissioners then talked more about the ACH Origination Agreement between Wayne County and Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust tabling the resolution. Wayne county treasurer, Tammy Paustian was on vacation and the commissioners needed more information. Questions again were brought up of how much time this will save and how much do the checks cost so the county doesn’t lose money during this process.

County attorney, Amy Miller hasn’t reviewed the entire resolution but went through some information and mentioned there would be a $45 per month cost for ACH transfers ($30 banking fee/$15 for ACH service). The first 20 transfers would be free but for each one after would cost 0.20 cents.

The board will look to invite local bankers to attend the next meeting and explain what the ACH agreement means and what they can offer.

Mark Casey, highway superintendent, also said that Herbst Construction, INC. has been charged roughly $20,000 for their 18 days of liquidation from the Temme Bridge with some days being counted as weather days in June.

Another item that was taken off the agenda was discussing the request to transfer ownership from the county as it was withdrawn.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, July 16 at 9 a.m.