Hazmat Night Out Simulated Multi-Vehicle Accident, Decontamination Of Patients



WAYNE – A decon exercise was held for hospital first receivers at Providence Medical Center Thursday late afternoon during the 2021 Hazmat Night Out.

A total of 23 different organizations were represented among 54 people who checked in which included community members. The event was hosted by the Elkhorn Valley Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Jodie Thompson, Safety and Service Excellence Coordinator at PMC explained the difference from first receivers to first responders.

“Hospital first receivers are trained as hospital staff to receive contaminated patients from the scene,” said Thompson. “We are not trained as operations level responders going to the scene where the contamination is at; where the event happened.”

The patients are then decontaminated before getting ready to move to the emergency room.

PMC hospital first receivers were wearing level C PPE with filters to filter the chemical out.

A multi two-vehicle accident was simulated that had patients injured.

“We had a red triage patient which is a person that can’t walk, talk; they’re unresponsive,” Thompson added. “Then the other one was a yellow triage patient as that patient simulated a broken leg. Then we had walking ambulatory green triage patients that had the contaminant on them but did not have any significant injuries.”

Thompson was also happy to work with the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department with their operations level technicians for Hazmat. Best case scenario, the decon corridor would have been done on scene but the group practiced setting up their tent during the training event.

“In a real scenario, after they get done being decontaminated, they enter into the hospital and our hospital is considered the green zone,” Thompson mentioned. “A nurse would have triaged a real patient and put them in either red, yellow or green depending on what their triaged level was.”

More information was provided following the exercise during a networking event with food provided by Pac N Save.

For further details on the Elkhorn Valley Local Emergency Planning Committee, contact Melanie Thompson at melanie@elvphd.org or call 402-529-2233.