Hawkfest To Highlight High School Band, Choir From 22 Schools Totaling 85 Students

Hawkfest To Highlight High School Band, Choir From 22 Schools Totaling 85 Students
Courtesy of Northeast Community College.

NORFOLK – Area high school musicians and vocalists will showcase their talents on Monday, October 10.

According to a release from Northeast Community College, ‘Hawkfest’ is an event which will feature 85 students broken down with 35 in band and 50 in choir from 22 area high schools.

The Northeast Music Department and the Northeast Area Jazz Ensemble will host this event for the fourth time. The honor band will be under the direction of Kevin McLouth, director of instrumental activities at Northeast, while the honor choir will be led by Margaret Schultz, Northeast music instructor.

Participating high schools include Battle Creek, Boone Central, Cody-Kilgore, Creighton, Elkhorn Valley, Hartington-Newcastle, Lakeview, Madison, Newman Grove, O’Neill, Osmond, Pender, Plainview, Pierce, Ponca, Randolph, St. Edward, Stanton, Summerland, Winside and Wynot.

Students earned entrance to ‘Hawkfest’ through an audition process that included scales and a musical selection to perform. This event is unique because it features both a band and choir at the same time with the program ending with both groups performing together.

McLouth said “we are super excited to be hosting HAWKFEST this year. It is a great opportunity for students from all these schools to come and work together to make some great music.”

Rehearsals begin at 8:30 a.m. on October 10 with the day concluding with a concert. Performances by the honor band and honor choir will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Lifelong Learning Center on Northeast’s Norfolk campus.

‘Hawkfest’ performances are free and open to the public.

The band will perform ‘Three Ayers from Gloucester’, ‘Circus Days’, ‘Prairie Dances’ and ‘Rain’. The choir will sing ‘There Will Be a New Day’, ‘Veni’, ‘Sancte Spiritus’, ‘The Skipping Stone’ and ‘Hi! Ho! The Rattlin’ Bog’. The performance will conclude with the band and the choir performing ‘We are the Heroes’.

Two, $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to two seniors who participate ‘Hawkfest’, one in the choir and one in the band at the conclusion of the day.

For more information on Northeast Community College’s ‘Hawkfest’, visit northeast.edu/events/hawkfest.


Honor Band members include:

 Cody-Kilgore – Bara Bilkova.

Creighton – Benjamin Johnson, Autumn Key, Kayla Key.

Elkhorn Valley – Alexis Lind, Emma Qualset.

O’Neill – Kyler Dean, Rachel Hupp, Tyler Diediker, Caleb Laursen.

Osmond – Matthew Alderson, Keely Gubbels, Erin Wagner.

Pender – Cole Athey, Mason Bodlak, Braden Prokop.

Plainview – Marlena Curtiss, Weston Hoffman.

Pierce – Trayton Christiansen, Mya Johnson.

Ponca – Karen Alvarado-Mendez, Trevor Arrasmith, Nate Coffman, Abby Furnau, Michael Hamilton, Grace Hansen, Kyler Mahler, Oliver Persinger.

Randolph – Nicole Haselhorst, Matthew Schultz.

St. Edward – Jasmina Foshee, Grace Tibor, Izabelle Zurovski.


Honor Choir members include:

Battle Creek – Taylynn Aldag, Ashlynn Rath, Lana Tillman.

Boone Central – Quinn Bittner, Philip Carnley, Madison Gompert, Riley Lordemann, Myranda Nelson.

Cody-Kilgore – Kayleigh Ravenscroft, Rylie Sexson.

Elkhorn Valley – Layce Brandt, Paizlynn Glenn, Montana Howard, Merinee Vaughn.

Hartington-Newcastle – Aaralynn Collier, Ryell Haug, Rebekah Pinkelman, Kaylee Ptak, Trevin Scoggan.

Lakeview – Izaac Cunningham, Trenton Ditter, Dara Kapels, Trey Hill, Damion Jonson, Emylie Leffers.

Madison – Angelica Zuniga Mercado, Julixa Moran, Madilynn Sweeney.

Newman Grove – Carmen Montoya.

Plainview – Marlena Curtiss, Kayci Daudt, Kyler Mosel.

Ponca – Jackson Addison, Kemper Carlson, Brooklynn Lowe, Ashlyn Kingsbury.

Randolph – Lily Umberger.

St. Edward – Lydia Ketelsen.

Stanton – Bradyn Dickey, Kennedie Gartner, Emalee Hilbers, Tresha Koch, Audra Melcher, Arynn Spence.

Summerland – Jadyn Hobbs, Lenora Kester, Adrienne Parker.

Winside – Elayna Hoskinson.

Wynot – Isabelle Heimes, Joslyn Hochstein.