Hansen Provides Report From Street Department, Council Closes Out 2020 Meeting With Annual Retreat

WAYNE – The final Wayne City Council meeting of 2020 was held Tuesday evening where several re-appointments were made.

From the Community Room of the Wayne Community Activity Center, councilmembers first heard from Cap Peterson who presented the 2021 Property & Casualty Insurance Package. The premiums were going up mainly focusing on the workers compensation and property premiums as the health insurance went down about two percent but the deductible went up about 10%.

Street and Planning Director, Joel Hansen provided his annual report.

City Administrator, Wes Blecke said department heads will be giving their annual report during the council meetings.

“Talked about some needs maybe in the future,” said Blecke. “You know, equipment keeps getting bigger, you get more of it and you need more room. So, he talked about maybe an expansion down at the street shop. He spoke very highly of the guys he has working for him.”

The street department was being asked to work on the lagoon, the trail, Bressler Park and other projects. Hanson plans to focus more on repairing streets next year.

By state law, communities are required to be in a certain window of a comparability study, according to Wayne Mayor Cale Giese when it comes to the wage and salary schedule.

“Make sure that people are in the right categorization, their job title,” Giese. “Making sure that they’re being compensating fairly. So that we protect the City from any type of wage lawsuit.”

Fire Chief, Phil Monahan brought forward Alexis Heaton, a Wayne State College student who will be joining the volunteer fire department.

Robert Woehler and Sons Construction, Inc. also cleaned up the berm around the lagoon taking all the concrete away. There was a change order that was originated by the City of Wayne as there is a large aeration pit that needed to be cleaned up.

Councilmembers then reconvened as Committee-of-the-Whole during one of their four retreats during the year. Mayor Giese mentioned there was a lot of good discussion.

“Last meeting was more we had one councilmember return after an absence because they moved and then got re-elected and then we had one new councilmember get elected,” Giese mentioned. “So, kind of catching everybody up to speed on some of the larger projects that we do.”

Council looked ahead to the Spring and set timelines for some of their big projects being planned along with looking to accomplish goals.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 5.