Green Team To Host Seventh Annual Electronics Recycling Event Saturday

WAYNE – Start gathering your old TV’s and more for an upcoming electronics recycling event this weekend.

The Wayne Green Team will be hosting their Seventh annual Electronics Recycling event on Saturday, September 14 from 8 – 10 a.m. or earlier if the truck fills up. The drop-off route will be facing eastbound on third street between Lincoln and Pearl streets right next to the Wayne City Hall parking lot.

Sandy Brown with the Green Team said in the 10 years the Wayne Green team has been around the group has been focusing on bringing awareness to what’s going on in the environment and what they can do better to help protect it.

“That’s what I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job of,” said Brown. “The City of Wayne, the community is very committed to what I call sustainability and the philosophies around it trying to reduce, reuse and recycle and then the next ‘r’ would be rot. Composting letting that stuff rot in the backyard or whatever.”

The block of third street will be closed to traffic as those who are dropping off electronics are asked to enter from Lincoln Street and exit onto Pearl Street.

Electronics ranging from old TVs, computers, cell phones, printers, cords and more can be dropped off. No large appliances, batteries or VHS tapes will be accepted.

Requested donations include $10 per carload or $50 per business load of a reasonable size and fees for CRTs (tube) are $5 per monitor and $10 per TV with no charge for flat screens. There is also a $10 fee per microwave.

Funding comes from the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy with electronic recycling services by First Choice Recycling from Sioux City. Volunteers from the Wayne State College men’s basketball team and women’s soccer team will be on hand to assist with unloading electronics.

Visit the Wayne Green Teams FAQ for a complete list of acceptable items.

In the previous six years of hosting the event, the community of Wayne has recycled over 100,000 pounds of electronics, which means 52 tons of harmful materials kept out of our landfill.

Brown also added they’ll be hosting another event later this year.

“We’re very fortunate we’re going to have a household hazardous waste collection event in October,” Brown added. “We’re working on that, we’ll have more details soon as it will be a Saturday in October. But we’ll get that posted on our Facebook as soon as we know.”

The Wayne Green Team meets regularly on the second Tuesday of the month at Tacos & More.

Like the Wayne Green Team on Facebook or go to for more information. Listen to the complete interview with Dan and Sandy on the “View from Wayne America” by clicking on the Podcast link under the Community tab of