Grant Awarded to Norfolk Skate Park

NORFOLK – Residents of Norfolk, Nebraska can look forward to a new city skate park.

A grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for $425,000 was awarded to re-build and expand the local skate park.

The funds will be used for renovation of Miracle Skate park, located in the Veterans Memorial Park complex.

The current skate park was built in 2004 with untreated wood and was meant as a temporary solution for the park. The new areas will be constructed with concrete.

In June 2015, members of Good Life Action Sports approached the Norfolk City Council to request upgrades to Miracle Skate park. The council responded by setting aside $125,000 to be used towards the project.

The President of Good Life Action Sports, Anthony Thompson says by building this park, Norfolk can see that skateboarders aren’t a bad thing to the community.

“The vast majority of people have been overwhelmingly supportive and positive about it and my generation you know over 40 years old. We have children, we have grand children. We grew up with it, so we understand the nature of it despite some of the preconceived misconceptions that are thrown at skaters.”

Thompson says this project is about more than just a place to skate. He envisions somewhere that gives back to the community, as a place for classes, volunteering programs and entertainment.

He sees it as a place for people to come if they need help or support.

“The object was to get the venue created, and then we can start working on reaching out to the community and doing mentorship programs, and skate school programs and showing support to some of the individuals that might not have that kind of support otherwise.”

Thompson said the City of Norfolk was a valuable partner in the process and the renovation plans wouldn’t have happened without their trust in the idea.

He says the park isn’t meant for just skateboarders, but will be a place for the community to come together and continue to move the city forward.