General, Primary Election Filings Advancing For Wayne County Election November Ballot

WAYNE – As filing deadlines approach for the general election, incumbents have until Wednesday, July 15 to file while the date for new filers is Monday, August 3.

According to the office of Wayne County Clerk, Deb Finn, positions were still open for several general election candidate filings in Wayne county.


General election filings:

Noxious Weed Board (3 Rural Positions) – Kelly J Meyer

Village of Carroll Trustee (3 Positions) – no filings

Village of Hoskins Trustee (2 Positions) – Kris Thies (incumbent)

Village of Sholes Trustee (4 Positions) – Lisa Rath (incumbent), Michael J. Haberman, Michelle Greene and Kyle Greene

Village of Winside Trustee (2 Positions) – no filings


Filing information can also be found on the county web site at Contact the office of Wayne County Clerk at 402-375-2288 or email for more information.


Primary election filings advancing can also be found below:

County Commissioner District 2: Dean Burbach (republican incumbent)

School board District 17 (Wayne): Lynn P. Junck (incumbent); Jamie R. Manz (incumbent); Jeryl L. Nelson; Brendon Lee Pick and Kristine K. Kinzie

School Board District 95R (Winside): Carmie Marotz (incumbent); Landon Grothe; Josh Kruse and Scott Watters

Wayne Airport Authority: Thomas Schmitz (incumbent)

Wayne City Council Ward 1: Terri Buck (incumbent)

Wayne City Council Ward 2: Yasuko Taoka and Kathy Berry; Jennifer Sievers current incumbent not running

Wayne City Council Ward 3: Dwaine Spieker (incumbent) and George F. Phelps

Wayne City Council Ward 4: Christopher L. Welch and Nick Muir; Jon Haase current incumbent not running