Gas Leak Controlled, No Injuries Or Spread Of Gas Reported

WAYNE – Wayne Volunteer Fire Chief, Phil Monahan is reporting no injuries from a recent gas line break and no burn permits will be issued until it rains.

About 20 volunteers reported to West 2nd Street for a late Wednesday afternoon call around 4:48 p.m. where a gas line was struck.

Monahan said a backhoe struck a gas line during a driveway expansion project.

“Black Hills Energy showed up right away and we evacuated a few houses around,” said Monahan. “They were able to pinch it off and stop the leak and then they were going to dig down  and shut the line off until it could be repaired.”

There were no injuries and no gas spread into anyone’s home as the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department was on scene for about an hour.

Monahan is also reminding residents to make sure their filters are clean and nothing is blocking the AC unit outside such as trees and shrubs.

“The other thing is I’m not putting out any burn permits in this hot and dry heat because it can take off and we’ve been seeing green grass burn just as easy,” Monahan added. “So, we’re not putting out any fire permits as of now until we get a very good chance of rain.”

The National Weather Service (Omaha/Valley) is reporting temperatures ranging from 90 – 95 degrees with the heat index reaching to 100 in some communities.