FRIDAY UPDATE: 3,000 Northeast Power Customers Have Power Restored, Still Around 390 Without Power

WAYNE – Since an early morning update from Northeast Power, a couple hundred more customers had their power restored.

With contractor crews showing up on Friday, Northeast Power is hoping to get all power back to their customers by end of day.

Mandy Backer, Controller Office Manager at Northeast Power said 15 local workers were busy at work.

“Right about the end of their regular day it hit towards Osmond a little before 4 p.m. (Thursday),” said Backer. “Like 3:30/4 o’clock is when we started. Then it just progressed through the rest of the district over the next couple of hours.”

As of Friday morning, there are around 390 customers without power which started at just over 3,900 when the storm first hit.

Backer added there were a couple of broken transmission poles.

“Then we have multiple broken distribution poles and just lines that snapped with trees coming through them.” Backer added. “We don’t have a count as of right now (Friday morning) of how many distribution poles; but significant damage.”

As Northeast Power continues to get the power up and rerouted for a temporary fix now, over the next few weeks crews will look to get power conditions back to where they need to be. A concern that arises is a supply chain issue once Northeast Power depletes inventory with a few transformers taken out.

Backer mentioned if you come across a power line, assumed it’s energized.

“If you come in contact with one, stay in your vehicle, call, we’ll try to get emergency crews there just as soon as possible,” Backer mentioned. “If you happen to have an accident and you have to get out of the car because it’s on fire, keep your feet together and jump away from it.”

There is a large group near the Osmond area and multiple scattered outages throughout the remainder of the District still without power as of Friday morning (roughly 390). Northeast Power would like to thank everyone for your continued patience.

Visit for the updated outage map and like Northeast Power on Facebook for more information.