Four-Lane Expressway Project To Hold Surveys Throughout June, July

WISNER – A project known as “Norfolk – Wisner” will be taking another step towards the future with several surveys to be conducted on the U.S. Highway 275 (US-275) corridor.

According to a release from the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), the project would take place approximately a quarter of a mile east of the junction of US-275 and Nebraska Highway 57 and extends east and south to approximately a quarter of a mile southeast of Wisner.

This would expand the project about 15.5 miles on the existing two-lane highway to a four-lane expressway by constructing a new, parallel two-lane roadway on one side of the existing US-275.

As part of the future project preparatory process, NDOT will be conducting survey activities along US‑275 from Norfolk to Wisner, including at the Sharpe Homestead, located at the southwest corner of US-275 and Nebraska Highway 15. The survey effort may include roadside survey crews, large industrial equipment and/or automobiles.

Activities along the corridor will include sub-surface level examinations, which will involve trenching along both sides of the US-275 corridor. If a property location is needed to be examined and the ground surface would be disturbed, NDOT will contact property owners in advance.

In addition to trenching, archeologists will be conducting geophysical investigations at the Sharpe Homestead. On-site personnel will be easily recognizable via high visibility clothing and marked vehicles.

NDOT is planning to conduct the majority of these surveys from June through July 2019.