Fortenberry Responds To Facebook Post Controversy

NORFOLK – A vandalized campaign sign and a Facebook post is landing a Nebraska Congressman staffer in hot water.

Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s Chief of Staff Dr. William “Reyn” Archer III is facing criticism after his alleged handling of a political Facebook post liked by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Associate Professor Ari Kohen.

In the post by a political blog, the photo depicts Fortenberry with a pair of googly eyes, and a piece of tape turned the Congressman’s name into a joke.

Acher allegedly emailed and called Kohen, the interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and University Chancellor Ronnie Green about the post. Saying the University is complacent in the vandalization of political signs.

Kohen says the response by Archer was unexpected.

“He was clearly really unhappy and he kept suggesting that I liked vandalism because I liked a picture of their campaign sign that had googly eyes on it. i didn’t say anything, I didn’t do anything and I simply found something amusing.”

Fortenberry commented on the issue at a campaign rally in Norfolk on November 3rd, saying the City of Lincoln has a problem with political vandalism and something needs to be done to solve it.

“There’s been no direct discussion with the University, there’s just been a dialogue at least from my perspective about the need for civil discourse, how political vandalism is illegal. It is mean, it disrupts the continuity of good discus ion within the community. And actually I received an invitation earlier to go to the classroom and speak about these things and I’m still open to doing that.”

Kohen denied supporting this type of behavior and says he took Archers call and email as a threat, filing a complaint to the house ethics committee.