Five Midwest States Join Forces When It Comes To Excessive Speeding

Five Midwest States Join Forces When It Comes To Excessive Speeding
Courtesy of NSP.

LINCOLN – Over the past year, troopers across the country have dealt with drivers pushing the speed limits and five states across the midwest have joined forces to caution those against excessive speeding.

According to a release from the Nebraska State Patrol, the statewide law enforcement agencies of neighboring states are uniting to urge motorists to slow down following a year of excessive speeding across a five-state region.

The Arkansas State Police, Iowa State Patrol, Kansas Highway Patrol, Missouri State Highway Patrol and Nebraska State Patrol all report a dramatic increase in excessive speeding citations that began around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Troopers communicate regularly with law enforcement partners in neighboring states and the increase in excessive speeding has been a common theme in those conversations over the last year. NSP is proud to partner with these neighboring states in reminding motorists of the dangers of excessive speeding and the need for everyone to all work together to make the roadways safe.

Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska comprise Region 7 of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each state tracked the increase of excessive speeding in different ways, but every method told the same story: A year that felt incredibly long was also the fastest on the roads in recent memory.

Below is a comparative table documenting the increases in excessive speeding citations tracked by each statewide law enforcement agency.


Arkansas State Police Iowa State


Kansas Highway Patrol Missouri State Highway Patrol Nebraska State Patrol
89% 108% 68% 82% 70%


As the winter months give way to more favorable driving conditions and busier travel seasons, each agency is asking all motorists to do their part in the effort to keep the roads safe. Drivers should obey the posted speed limits, eliminate distractions, never drive impaired and always buckle up. Troopers in each state will continue to patrol day and night to enforce traffic safety laws and assist motorists.