First Case of COVID-19 in Thurston County — Fabric Facemask Guidelines

The patient, a male in his 60’s, is a resident of Thurston County

WAYNE – Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department (NNPHD) reports the third case of confirmed COVID-19 case within the health district of Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne Counties and is the first case for Thurston County.

The patient, a male in his 60’s, is a resident of Thurston County. Lab results were received by the health department on 04/22/2020. NNPHD Nursing Team has begun an investigation to determine how this person became exposed to the virus and identify close contacts who may need to quarantine and monitor for symptoms.

Julie Rother, NNPHD Health Director, states, “The virus continues to make its presence known in our communities. The number of cases in our state continues to grow. It is very important that we remember to use good social distancing and infection control practices help slow the spread of the virus.”

As of Wednesday evening, the health department has seen 172 residents tested, resulting in 157 negative tests, three positive tests and 12 pending.


A fabric face mask is a helpful way to prevent the spread of germs but it must be used correctly.  The use of fabric face masks is an important tool we can use in our communities to protect each other.  If you know of people in your community who would be willing to make these for others as a way to help their community, please reach out to them. A flyer on face mask use called WEAR IT RIGHT is available through the NNPHD website.