Firework Stands Open For Business In Wayne, Permitted Fireworks Discharge Hours Included


WAYNE – There are three stands selling fireworks in Wayne this summer.

One stand is Ka-Boomers, located at the north lot between the Sports Motel and Journey Christian Church. Fly by Night Fireworks has their stand set up in the Quality Foods parking lot. Thunder Fireworks’ stand is located in the 527 Brewhouse parking area.

Wes Blecke is the Wayne City Administrator. Blecke talked about the time restrictions for setting off fireworks within Wayne city limits.

“8 a.m. to 11 p.m., that’s going to be June 25th through July 3rd. And then on July 4th, it’s 8 a.m. until 12 midnight,” Blecke detailed.

In August and September of 2019, the city council talked about changing the ordinences on fireworks. At that point, council decided not to change the dates and times allowed for discharging fireworks. Blecke mentioned an interesting rule the council made law from these discussions.

“The council gave the mayor permission to extend another day of discharging fireworks if weather came into play,” he said.

Blecke stated that only one extra day can be added to the discharging dates. In other words, if it rains twice during the alloted dates, only one day can be made up after the 4th. Blecke said that fireworks will never be permitted after July 5th.

Blecke talked about the effect of COVID-19 on Wayne’s annual fireworks show.

“The Chicken Show always has fireworks, so it’s usually the weekend after the Fourth of July,” Blecke recalled. “This year with COVID-19, they’re, you know, moving the Chicken Show to September 12th, and are planning to have fireworks on September 12th.”

Blecke noted that there’s a special permit that must be filled out to launch fireworks outside the set dates.

There is an application that every fireworks vendor must complete. The application costs $200. While some cities limit the number of stands that get accepted, Wayne has never had that issue. Blecke said there’s typically three or four stands per year.

There are a few things from the city office that Blecke would like people to know about. First off, the office is open as usual and they have spots marked on the floor for social distancing. Another thing is that the swimming pool opened on July 1st. Also, the activity center has now opened back up. It’s noteworthy that neither delay in opening was necessarily due to Coronavirus. The pool had a leak and the activity center track needed repairing.

Wes Blecke wanted to remind the citizens of Wayne that the fireworks policies can be changed. Therefore, if someone has a change in mind, let the city know by calling 402-375-1733. Also, fireworks misuse reports can be done by calling the police department at 402-375-2626.