Fastwyre Broadband Introduced As New Name, Brand Identity For American Broadband

BLAIR – A new name and brand identity has been introduced in place of American Broadband, TelAlaska and Cameron Communications.

According to a release from Marketing Manager, Jake Pinion with ABB on August 16, Fastwyre Broadband delivers affordable, reliable, high-speed internet services to residential and business customers.

Fastwyre Broadband is committed to providing communities and across the country the fastest, most reliable and affordable communications network for work, play and life.

Chris Eldredge, CEO of Fastwyre Broadband said, “we believe all Americans should have access to reliable internet service. Our new identity reflects our pursuit of that mission, unifying our markets under one company umbrella and strengthening our strategy to keep communities connected.”

Residential and business customers can expect to benefit from the same high-quality, high speed broadband service and the fastest technology that they’ve utilized. Additionally, the company remains committed to being at the industry forefront in innovation and investing in a rapidly growing, state-of-the-art fiber network.

Eldredge added, “We are excited about our new name – Fastwyre Broadband – because it reinforces the company’s commitment to provide the fastest speeds for the communities we serve.”

Fastwyre Broadband appreciates the opportunity to serve their communities and look forward to being a partner in supporting residential and business customers with broadband services, phone access lines and video services.

According to the website, Fastwyre Broadband has locations in Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri and Nebraska. The Nebraska location can be reached at 402-426-6200 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.