‘Ever Fallen’ Premiere Held In Wayne Tuesday


WAYNE – An original film directed by a Wayne State College professor made its premiere Tuesday evening in front of family and friends.

A red-carpet photo shoot opened the evening from The Majestic Theatre located at 310 Main Street in downtown Wayne.

Dr. Michael White is a professor of communication arts and directed the full-length feature film “Ever Fallen”. Dr. White said it was an extraordinary amount of work.

“I mean it was really every waking movement that I had free was spent making this film,” said Dr. White. “It was a labor of love, but it was done with people that I really love to work with and I thought it was really an extraordinary experience.”

Dr. White wanted to have the premier in Wayne not just because he’s a professor at the college but to share it with the faculty, staff, students and all that were involved.

The production took a year with the produced length being 153 minutes totaling 36 scenes and post-production featured 560 hours of cutting, 32 hours of color, 440 hours for sound engineering and 65 hours ADR.

The PG13-rated film lasted two hours and was followed by a question & answer session before an after-party.

“It was a really nice experience,” Dr. White added. “I think anytime you try to make a film, you just hope people really understand it and appreciate it and it was. I’m just really happy it was so well received and everyone was so happy; it was a nice evening.”

For those who missed Tuesday’s showing of “Ever Fallen” can visit The Majestic Theatre on Wednesday, October 2 at 7 p.m. for a second showing in Wayne. Seating is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Another showing will be featured during the Sioux City Film Festival Thursday at 5:30 p.m. from the Promenade Movie Theatre in Sioux City, Iowa.

Dr. White will mainly focus on touring “Ever Fallen” but is working on a couple of films as well.

For more information, contact Dr. White at 402-375-7595 and to learn more about the film visit the Ever Fallen’s Facebook page.


Pre-Production time:

Casting: four days

Fabrications: four days

Table Read: one day

Scouting: three days

Scheduling: 15 days