End Of Year New Instruction Dates For Randolph Students, Important Dates Announced

RANDOLPH – Schools officials with Randolph Public Schools have released important dates for the Jr/Sr High School students.

Since late March Randolph teachers have been still delivering new instruction and assigning grades to students.

Teachers have set up the students into two platforms being Google Classroom and Zoom, according to 7-12 Principal Brandi Bartels.

“The Google Classroom is just the way of organizing your course information,” said Bartels. “They (teachers) utilized Zoom to connect with the students and also to deliver some of that instruction live.”

For pre-K students through third grade they used packets of materials for the students and were also on the computer with their teacher through Zoom.

Elementary principal Mary Miller added the teachers feel like it is going well.

“They have stepped up and really enjoyed working with the technology,” Miller added. “Helping their students through this difficult time,”.

New instruction for seniors will be Tuesday, May 5 while other students will receive new instruction by Thursday, May 14. Randolph students will have until the original final date of school being Tuesday, May 19 to complete all assignments and have materials turned in.

Randolph Public Schools have issued over 100 devices most being chromebooks.

Superintendent Jeff Hoesing mentioned they used the final three days before closing to prepare the students and teachers along with getting a lot of the one-to-one protocol in place.

“Also, a lot of the students were instructed to bring a lot of their locker materials home during those three days,” Hoesing mentioned. “So, we used that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and they kind of cleared out most of their stuff, not all of it, but a majority of it left the building at that time.”

The final day the students were in school was Wednesday, March 18.

The administrative level has discussed different options for next fall but have involved the staff yet. Hoesing added what he’s heard from Randolph principals, teachers and neighboring schools.

“Is that it’s one thing to finish out the year this way,” Hoesing added. “It’s another thing altogether to try to begin a new year under this same health protocol; it would be very difficult.”

The first important date is Friday, May 1 for their virtual awards ceremony featuring high school students. Links were sent to the students will be posted on randolphpublic.org and Randolph social media accounts.

From Sunday, May 3 – Tuesday, May 5, community members can drop off graduation cards for the graduates. The cards will be distributed to the graduates with their diploma on Saturday, May 9. On May 9 will honor the 2020 graduates from Randolph where they will pick up their diploma as a virtual scholarship announcement will also be held. Due to restrictions placed on the school, the event will not be open to the public.

Randolph Jr High students will be recognized during their virtual awards ceremony on Thursday, May 14 while elementary students will have their ceremony on Tuesday, May 19 with more planning going.

Other important dates from Randolph Public Schools include prom being tentatively scheduled for July 21 at 7 p.m. with no grand march and a graduation ceremony on July 26 at 2 p.m. If crowd gathering restrictions are still in place the graduation ceremony will be done virtually.

Randolph Public school officials look forward to celebrating the many accomplishments of their students and appreciate everyone’s support as they plan for events given the restrictions placed on schools.

Visit randolphpublic.org or call the school at 402-337-0252.