Employment, Property Formalities Covered At Wayne City Council Meeting

WAYNE – As polls were coming to a close Tuesday night, the Wayne City Council held their second May meeting. Several ordinances had their third and final readings, the fire chief position was officially appointed and the council entered executive session.

Former mayor, Ken Chamberlain, was honored by the City Council at the beginning of the meeting. Current mayor, Jill Brodersen, presented Chamberlain with a plaque and thanked him for his many years of service to the community. Before moving forward with regular business, Brodersen proclaimed Tuesday Police Memorial Day and May 20th through the 26th Public Works’ Week.

Luke Virgil, Wayne Area Economic Development director, gave an update on the housing grant awarded to Wayne, Wakefield and Wayne County. Between fund matching donors, state funds and Nebraska Investment Finance Authority contributions, the area has $1,639,000 to spend on workforce housing. From those funds, the City of Wayne has been allocated $622,820, Wakefield has been allocated $961,546 and Wayne County has been allocated $54,633.33. City administrator Wes Blecke said the project is not quite ready to begin.

“It’s not ready for people to apply for those funds, there has to be a board and a committee that looks at it and determines what it’s going to be used for,” Blecke said.

Several employment formalities were dealt with at the meeting. Phil Monahan, Wayne fire chief, was once again appointed to the role. The council approved an interlocal agreement to share law enforcement services between the City and Wayne State College. The Wayne Senior Center’s drug and alcohol policies for employees had to be updated to satisfy the Department of Transportation, and finally, the council went into executive session to approve the employment agreement for the city administrator. After the executive session, it was passed that the city administrator employment agreement will last from June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019 for a salary of $90,000.

The City Council accepted funds and a cooperation agreement with the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District for $30,000 in funds for the “Versacourt Play Area Project.” The City will match $30,000 to be used to transform the basketball court area by the old pool. The project will see basketball courts, a volleyball court and even potential pickleball space in the area. The project is important for the neighborhood, according to Blecke.

“The thought is, we need to do something up in that area, you know, here we took away a pool from that neighborhood and we need to make it look nicer and we need to have it more entertaining for kids and adults alike,” Blecke said.

A total of seven ordinances had third and final readings or had three readings waived at Tuesday night’s meeting. Among the passed ordinances was one allowing a second handicap parking spot at the Presbyterian Church, five pertaining to work done on City streets, sidewalks and other public places and one regarding the sale of the east 19.97 feet of lot 11 in the Southview II Addition to the City of Wayne. The sale is a formality for what is essentially a land swap that’s already been dealt with in a replat of the area.

Before adjourning, two vehicles were approved for purchase by the Council. A bid of $107,775 was accepted for the purchase of a 4×4 cab and chassis truck with dump box for the street department as was a bid for $31, 121 for a 2018 Ford PUV Police Utility Interceptor for the police department. Finally, a payment of $30,440 to OCC Builders, LLC for work on the Wayne Golf and Country Club Clubhouse Improvement Project was approved.

The next Wayne City Council meeting will be held June 5th at 5:30 p.m. at Wayne City Hall.