In-School Elementary Savings Program Starts In Wayne, 30th Across The State


WAYNE – Wayne elementary students were introduced to a new program in the area where they opened a savings account at the school and will get to withdraw their money once graduating or leaving sixth grade.

From the elementary cafeteria, tellers in the form of students welcomed in their fellow classmates during the SNB Blue Devil Branch deposit.

The Blue Devil Branch was created thanks to joint efforts from State Nebraska Bank & Trust and Wayne Elementary. Students attending kindergarten through sixth grade, with parental permission, were able to make their first deposit Thursday morning where a ribbon cutting was also held.

Andi Diediker is in his second year teaching math and reading at Wayne elementary. Mr. Diediker said students started coming in at 7:30 and it was running pretty smoothly.

“We had a really big rush there at that time,” said Diediker. “But we had 24 great student-tellers and a lot of representatives from State Nebraska Bank. We handled it really well today. But we made it through.”

The Blue Devil Branch is the 30th in-school savings program in the state through the Nebraska Council on Economic Education to teach financial literacy to youth.

In the spring, fifth and grade students filled out an application and went through an interview process where 24 were hired. Moving forward the student-tellers will work in six-person shifts each Thursday between 7:30 – 8:20 a.m. to accept student deposits.

Along with a great leadership opportunity for the fifth and sixth grade students, it will also be beneficial to the younger students.

“They get to benefit of learning about financial literacy from a young age,” Diediker added. “We had a great partnership with Dr. Lindsey Doctorman and Wayne State College. They came into every classroom this year and talked about the benefits of financial literacy which is a great partnership as well.”

Along with making their first deposit, State Nebraska Bank & Trust made an additional $5 deposit into each account. Students will receive fun incentives from the bank based on frequency of deposits in the place of interest.

The SNB Branch will be closed over the summer months but reopen each school year.

More account details can be found at