Eagle Scout Project Put On Display At Wayne County Fairgrounds


WAYNE – Another new highlight at the Wayne County Fair will feature a pair of meeting points that were recently completed for an Eagle Scout project.

As the Wayne County Ag Society hosted Friday morning Chamber Coffee from the beer garden, Ethan Sebade was able to showcase his project.

Sebade said there is a process to become an Eagle Scout which included a project.

“You have to choose what you got to do and then you have to be a leader,” said Sebade. “Then you have to know what to even do for your project and you have to get everyone ready for it. The equipment, the supplies, utilities; everything.”

Sebade was in contact with the fair board and the two shelter areas were on the list of additions the group was looking to construct.

The Eagle Scout project included two double side benches under a shelter that can serve as a pick-up spot for fair-goers needing a ride to their vehicles. One is near the fair office while a second is by the Midway next to the Leland Herman Memorial Arena. The construction of the two shelters took from May until early July of this year.

Sebade will next send out reference letters and complete his board of review prior to earning his Eagle Scout rank.

Sebade will be attending Northeast Community College for welding school and he’s hoping more projects come about from Troop 174.

“I hope like they look at this and their like, ‘oh maybe I can like do this, he did it like four months,’” Sebade added. “I hope like more boy scouts do that, too. Some boy scouts have actually quit, which is kind of sad but I’m glad I actually finished.”

According to a sign posted on each of the shelter units, labor and materials were donated by Sebade Construction; Carhart Lumber Company; Quality 1 Graphics & Signs as well as Gerhold Concrete for Ethan Sebade’s Troop 174 Eagle Scout Project.

Upon completion and passing his board of review, Sebade will become the 148th Eagle Scout in Wayne with Troop 174. Silas Mark who passed his Eagle Board of review on July 13 became the Troop’s 147th Eagle Scout. Mark’s project is in Bressler park as he moved a fire pit from the old girl scout cabin to Bressler park.

The first Boy Scout Troop was organized in Wayne in 1914 with W.R. Eilis and Paul Mines as their leaders.

Friday night’s evening attraction will be the 58th annual free BBQ from 6 until 7:30 p.m. as the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League/Nebraska Bush Puller tractor pull will begin around 6:30 p.m.

Live entertainment will be provided by Jetley Park in the beer garden at 9 p.m. as daily admission is $20 and those 12 & under are free.

Visit thewaynecountyfair.com for more information.