District 17 Update From Senator Joni Albrecht

LINCOLN – Joni Albrecht reminded her constituents of the hard work from Julie Schmit-Albin in the passing of LB814. This is the bill that banned dismemberment abortion, passed on August 13. That day has been declared Julie Schmit-Albin day.

The senator was in attendance for the signing of LB1107 on Thursday, August 20. This bill combined property tax relief, business incentives, and funding for the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) NExT program.

Governor Pete Ricketts expressed his pleasure with the passing of this bill. He wanted to especially thank the landowners for their persistence in voicing their approval for LB1107. The governor applauded the other two parts of this bill. He proclaimed that LB1107 will enhance UNMC’s position as a national leader in medical research.

Albrecht mentioned that the passing of LB768 and LB1186 were helpful for residents in District 17.

LB768 was introduced by Albrecht. This bill harmonized Nebraska law and State Patrol.

LB1186 passed with a unanimous vote of 48-0. LB1186 compensates teachers for lost wages when they were injured by a student.

Another bill that was of high importance for the senator was LB1167. She was disappointed that this bill did not make it out of committee. LB1167 would have allowed for public testimony at every meeting of governing bodies. Albrecht noted that she intends to re-introduce the bill in 2021.

The Governor signed LB153 in Kearney on Monday, August 24. The senator was in attendance for the signing. LB153 exempts 50 percent of military retirement benefits from state income tax.

There is growing concern regarding Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers (YRTC). LB1140, LB1144, and LB1188 addressed many of these concerns by providing education for the centers and Legislative oversight.

The governor vetoed seven bills regarding education last week. These decisions were made for the best interest of public safety and support of the education system.

LB667 did not have sufficient time to pass. This bill would have addressed issues in the meatpacking industry. Senator Vargas created the bill. Albrecht hopes that a hearing will occur in District 17 regarding these issues. Albrecht will continue to update District 17 residents on these developments.

COVID-19 cases are decreasing in District 17. Albrecht was happy to hear how well residents have been following health recommendations. People should continue to be vigilant with schools reopening.

As usual, Senator Joni Albrecht invited District 17 residents to express their thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns with her. Her phone number is 402-471-2716 and her email is jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.