District 17 Update From Senator Joni Albrecht, Legislative Session Resumes July 20

WAYNE – With the Nebraska State Legislature set to reconvene on July 20, Senator Albrecht wanted to remind her constituents that she will continue to fight for them. The senator mentioned that some other senators wanted to suspend voting for the rest of the session. Albrecht asserted that this session is very important to vote on because of the pandemic.

This legislative session has just 17 days left. Senator Albrecht assures there will be work five to six days of the week and into the late hours of the night.

There are 46 priority bills apart of the final reading. Of those 46 bills, 12 are Speaker Priority bills, 12 are Committee Priority bills, and 22 are Senator Priority bills. The senator noted that there are many other bills amended into the ones brought up; therefore, there is to be about 100 bills considered. Albrecht pointed to the Property Tax Relief Bill and the ImagiNE Nebraska Act business incentive bill as bills that will take center stage.

The authors of bills must reconsider the costs of their bill, if it will have a major impact on the General Fund Budget. This, of course, is due to financial restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Albrecht encourages people to apply for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), which is now open for application. Information regarding eligibility and the process of application can be found at https://www.farmers.gov/cfap, or at https://nda.nebraska.gov/COVID-19/index.html. Also, a Zoom video from the Nebraska Farm Bureau pertaining to the program is available at https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=682850435595153&ref=watch_permalink.

As usual, Senator Joni Albrecht invites you to share your thoughts, questions, or concerns with her by email at jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov or by phone at 402-471-2716.