District 17 Senator Weekly Update

WAYNE – Following a week off from the weekly update by District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht, a northeast Nebraska community was highlighted recently along with updated information for the Nebraska 511 website among the early December update.

According to a release from the office of Senator Albrecht, the Winside Fire Department held a recent Winside Mutual Aid Meeting where Steven and Michele Jorgensen were honored by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

As a results of their bravery in likely saving the lives of three people during a July 3 house fire in Winside, Steve and Michele were recognized as Nebraska Navy admirals in front of a crowd of volunteer firefighters.

Also, the new NE 511 website is now mobile responsive and includes new features such as the Weather Radar layer, My Favorite Cameras and searchable list views of road reports, cameras and weather stations.

State officials added the additions to the 511 system will make it easier for motorists and truckers to determine whether it’s safe to travel. The update, which will cost $150,000, includes National Weather Service radar, a special page for commercial drivers and a new “crowdsourcing” feature, which will allow motorists to provide feedback on road conditions. The 511 app and website relay up-to-date information about road closures and road conditions (wet, snow-covered, etc.), and allow motorists to access roadside video cameras installed across the state. The website for the 511 system is dot.nebraska.gov/travel/511/.

District 17 Senator, Joni Albrecht also focused her weekly update on the Critical Race Theory.

“It is vital today that leaders in public policy, education fields and throughout our society focus on building environments that help all Americans become better citizens. I find myself very concerned about the divisive ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is tearing at the fabric of our nation. I think it is important to stop and get some clarity on the reality of what CRT really is.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) denies that race is a natural, biological or physical attribute of human beings and teaches instead that race is a socially constructed or invented category used to exploit people of color. Consequently, CRT holds that every American social institution is inherently racist and that all white people are automatically born into a position of privilege. CRT, founded in Marxism, contends that America is fundamentally racist and that its institutions are tainted by this racism. Proponents of CRT seek to “fix” America’s racism and achieve “equity” by a process of racial discrimination in which people in our country would be pitted against one another. Rather than identifying specific instances of racism and rooting them out, CRT seeks to define communities based on racial lines and to build public policy and redistribute resources based on skin color.

According to Fox News, “the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics released their biannual Harvard youth poll. They’ve been doing the poll for 20 years, asking 18- to 29-year-olds…what they think about the state of our country. Over a thousand young Americans were polled. The margin of error was three percent. …31 percent said America is the greatest country in the world. …Here’s why…31 percent matters. If you go by the old adage, “The children are the future,” then plain as day, this poll shows that the future hates America, or at least they think there’s nothing special about America. “It’s just…one of many countries.” America was founded on Western Christian principles. Our founders? The product of the fusion, the beauty, the brilliance of Athens and Rome and Jerusalem. They knew and understood the Bible inside and out. They knew Latin. They understood the classics, and they understood human nature: who we are as sinful creatures…hell-bent on power and greed. They built the system – the first in human history – designed to restrain government and protect God-given rights for the individual: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… So while for decades, patriots and conservatives fought for good things like free markets and defeating communists and Islamists, the left focused on culture and classrooms. They specifically targeted the way we educate our young people by focusing on removing the most important ingredients. They knew our Judeo-Christian faith and tradition were the key to our human freedoms. Our founders understood that; George Washington talked about it. So the progressives knew they had to get rid of it.”

Senator Albrecht added, “In this day and age as social media has become a platform of misinformation it is vital that as parents and grandparents we know what is being taught to our children in our publicly funded schools. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars, our local school systems, and the heart of our communities are at risk of being infiltrated with an ideology that America and Amercians are bad. There is an attempt to rewrite the very history of this country and its formation. I appreciate Governor Ricketts recent comment about CRT and UNL where he said, ‘From racially motivated hiring practices to harmful trainings, the University’s plan would inject Critical Race Theory into every corner of campus. It will pit people against each other by conditioning everyone to see others through the lens of race rather than as individuals with unique strengths. UNL’s focus should be on educational excellence, not ideological indoctrination.’”

Senator Albrecht believes that if CRT continues to be taught to children there will be no America left for children.

If you have any comments or concerns, contact Senator Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.