Decontamination Exercise Provides Further Training For PMC Staff Members


WAYNE – Members of the media were invited to Providence Medical Center in Wayne for a “live-training” decontamination exercise Thursday.

Presented by the Center for Preparedness Education, PMC has been preparing for the arrival of patients with dangerous chemicals on them.

Barbara Dodge from the Center for Preparedness at UNMC joined PMC staff to review the different roles during the decontamination process. After the equipment was set, the mock-contaminated patients were received in the ambulance bay.

Jodie Thompson is going on her third year as the Safety and Service Excellence Coordinator. She said this wasn’t the first time they’ve tested the decontamination process.

“We have tested the process of the decon before,” said Thompson. “But, we’ve don’t it through out shower that we set up; our pop-up decon shower.”

Thompson attended the Hospital First Receivers Instructor Trainer Course in July of last year. Over the course of 2018, three months (May – July) Thompson then trained 27 PMC staff members in a nine-hour Hospital First Receivers course which was broken down into three different days.

Some of the staff members brought their kids where they played the role as patients with hazardous materials on them and went through the shower process. The three different areas were set up being the hot zone, warm zone and cold zone.

PMC has received contaminated patients as Thompson added in the State of Nebraska there are a lot of hazardous materials in the area.

“So, we have to be ready to receive patients that have experienced contamination,” Thompson added. “In order to best service the community we need to be prepared for that, so that’s why we’re doing this training here.”

The Hospital First Receivers Decon Team will meet regularly to practice different portions of the training that they have been taught.

Thompson mentioned if anyone experiences getting hazardous materials on them, the best treatment they can do is get their clothes off.

“They can get their clothes off they remove up to 90% of the containment,” Thompson mentioned. “If they can hose off with a garden hose or even for 5-10 minutes or in their shower it’s going to help them more than anything else.”

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