HUMPHREY – Trisha Pack is the manager of the Midway Motel in Humphrey, at the corner of Highway 81 & Highway 91.

She sees accidents at the intersection all the time.

“Two weeks ago there was one every day for five days and two in one day.”

Traffic on highway 91 must come to a complete stop and then attempt to cross or merge onto highway 81, that is what creates the problem.

Lonnie Grotelushen travels through the intersection several times a week.

“Its a very dangerous intersection because there is always so much traffic. People don’t slow down for nothing and people go out in from of people all the time. Something needs to be done.

There are some safety measures in place. For instance, there is a  traffic camera that was installed not too long ago, but people feel that isn’t enough.

Humphrey resident Joe Cunningham said, “You get there and the cars are coming 70mph. It’s a pretty scary intersection. They need a light or something.”

State officials want to hold a meeting with locals where they can share ideas on how to fix the problem

We will monitor the situation and continue to share the most up to date information on the matter.