Custer Public Power Urging Caution With Water And Electricity

With the historic weather events that are happening in the Custer Public Power service territory, Custer Public  Power would like to remind our customer-owners to be aware of their surroundings. Electricity is deadly! With damp and wet ground, electricity can reach beyond a downed wire or other electrical point of contacts.   With flooding, make sure your electricity is shut off. If you are in a vehicle or equipment, stay in it. Follow manufacturer safety tips for generator use. Always error on the side of caution when around electricity!

As Nebraska moves out of the incremental weather, and into repair and clean up, continue to stay focused on safety.  Do not rush into surroundings without knowing the risk.

As our customer-owners are doing their daily routine, please take time to notice electrical equipment, poles, wire, pad mount transformers, and other electrical equipment that may need attention.  Report damage or compromised equipment to your electrical power provider. For Custer Public Power customers call 1-888-749-2453.

Our customer-owner’s safety is important to Custer Public Power District.  Be safe for your family and another day!