Cruise Night Honors Wayne High Seniors, Remainder Of Students To Conclude 2020 School Year In Mid May

WAYNE – The final weekly ‘Live at 5’ was posted on the Wayne Community Schools Facebook page this past Monday evening where Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan provided an update.

Dr. Lenihan opened by thanking all who attended the Cruise Main in Wayne Senior Cruise Night on May 1, which was the final day of school for Wayne High graduating seniors.

“That was really a fun event (and) I think it went great,” said Dr. Lenihan. “The feedback I received from the kids and the parents was they really did appreciate that opportunity. It certainly was unique and different. Wonderful crowds that showed up to support the kids.”

Under the Directed Health Measure of Governor Ricketts, schools will not be able to have any activities until at least May 31. The only way staff have been able to interact with the students are during lunch distribution and handing out educational packets.

“We have not been able to do anything live with any of the students and really couldn’t even take part in this as a school district,” Dr. Lenihan. “So, I was really appreciative that Sonya and Jill went ahead and planned that and did a really good job organizing that night for the kids.”

The seniors were able to check items out and gather their locker belongings last week as the remainder of students will be returning their materials between the week of May 11 – 15. Students will not be allowed into the building as staff have gone through the lockers and classrooms to bag up the personal belongings. Each student will have a bag with their name as students are being asked to bring their school materials (textbooks and chrome books) in bags with their name on it.

At the Jr/Sr High School, students in grades 9-11 will use the north doors and junior high students will meet in the wrestling room in the parking lot as items returned will not be touched for at least five days. Elementary principal Russ Plager is also setting up a schedule for elementary students.

Dr. Lenihan mentioned they’re trying to protect staff that are working now and into the summer.

“The staff preparing lunches, paras, secretaries, office people, maintenance staff, etc.,” Dr. Lenihan mentioned. “We’re just trying to keep our buildings as free from any potential exposure as possible. So, we really are going to work to continue to do that.”

The final day of school is Friday, May 15.

Other summer dates include July 18 for Prom and August 1 for graduation assuming it’s possible to hold events with larger crowds.

School officials will also be discussing plans for next fall.

“Right now, our administrative staff are looking at maybe some possible scenarios for returning to school next fall,” said Dr. Lenihan. “Of course, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to start on time in August just as we planned. But we also know that we’re going to need to be ready for maybe some other considerations depending on what those Directed Health Measures are this summer.”

The Wayne Community Schools Board of Education will hold their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 11 via Zoom at 5 p.m. Although the weekly ‘Live at 5’ updates ended on May 4, any new information that needs to be shared will be posted as announcements need to be made on the Wayne Community Schools Facebook page.

Contact the school at 402-375-3150 with any questions.