Crofton Cruzin’ Car Show

CROFTON- Cars are something most of us use daily, however, car hobbyists get to collect and restore classic vehicles from years ago. The 12th annual Crofton Cruzin’ Car Show took place over the weekend, where many unique cars were displayed alongside live music, a grill fest, and activities for children of all ages.

The event  features a Grill Fest put on by the St. Rose Knights of Columbus. Four grillers compete for a traveling trophy. Attendees get to vote on which station has the best food from fresh-cooked gyros, and ribs, to Philly steak sandwiches.

For Car Hobbyist Chuck Feilmeier, this event is especially important. He entered his prized Ford Falcon, a replica of the one he first owned. If he could find a 1960 Falcon someplace, Feilmeier always said he would restore it. So he did. No motor, no wheels, just the shell of the car and 15 years of work to complete it. The restoration was strategic, digging up parts at salvage yards and utilizing the skills of talented craftsmen.

The car show participants are the ones who judge the other cars. They get a judging sheet and get to pick their favorite winners for multiple categories.

Some awards include “Best of Show”, the “Mayor’s Choice Award” and even one for attending visitors to vote in the “People’s Choice Award.”