Crete Elementary placed on lockout for a short time Monday afternoon

CRETE – Crete Elementary School was placed on lockout for a short time Monday afteroon when a man was spotted nearby with what appeared to be a hunting rifle with a scope.

The man was spotted around 1 :45 p.m. Monday. Due to the close proximity, Crete administration immediately put the Elementary School into lockout mode.

In a lockout, all outside doors are locked, students and staff are kept away from windows, and staff continue with instruction.

During that time, administration was in constant contact with the Crete Police Department, and were kept aware of the situation and the person’s location.

The individual, an adult male named Izaih Romero, was taken into custody at 2:15 pm. The lockout was lifted shortly thereafter.

Bret Schroder, Crete Public’s acting superintendent, said in a written statement that he was thankful for the “quick response and efficiency” from Crete Police and the Elementary staff.

The weapon in question turned out to be a BB gun with a scope attached. It was destroyed by the Crete Police Department.