CRA Requesting Additional Funds For Development, Upcoming Events Planning Ahead

WAYNE – A few action items will make up Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, the meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. with an update from the Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA).

An action item request for additional funds for development will be made as the current CRA is being aggressive with redeveloping areas that are not being developed by the private market. With this comes expenses and investments as the CRA has a very limited revenue stream. In order to continue redevelopment activities, down payment assistance for new construction and further investments, the CRA needs additional funding to do so.

Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company is seeking an application for addition to liquor license. The new descriptions would read: ‘one -story building approximately 44×87 with additional indoor area to the east approximately 70×40 and including outdoor area approximately 34×20 (all in feet).

An incoming change order for the “Chicago Street Improvements Project” from Robert Woehler & Sons Construction, Inc. will need to be addressed to reroute a water line. The ‘Work Change Directive No. 1’ will be the amount of $12,406 with an additional 14-day increase. The water main was exposed during the construction phase and ended up being too shallow and is required to be lowered to maintain a 4’ bury to avoid freezing temperatures. The new contract sum will be $756,733.

Next month will mark the Second annual Burnout Competition put on by Cruise Main in Wayne. Dustin Soden, Chairman of Cruise Main in Wayne will be joined by Luke Virgil, Executive Director for Wayne Area Economic Development and be requesting to close Logan Street from Fairgrounds Avenue to 2nd Street between 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Saturday, September 17.

LB 840 activity will also be reported to council by Virgil.

A public hearing is on the agenda for Tuesday evening pertaining to acquisition of real estate of lot 5, Kardell East 14th Street Addition to the City of Wayne. The acquisition would provide property to enhance the City of Wayne’s electric distribution system with a proposed new substation while providing space to consider the future electric production and generation.

A trio of resolutions will also follow being authorizing the allocation of property taxes to the Wayne Airport Authority of $69,337 (nearly $6,000 more than last year); adopting drug and alcohol testing policy for the Wayne Public Transit and acknowledging requirements for the ‘Temporary Use of the State Highway System for Special Events’ being the WSC Homecoming Parade and Band Day on Saturday, October 8.

A council retreat date will also be addressed for Tuesday, August 30 at 5:30 p.m. from the Wayne Fire Hall.

Councilmembers will close Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled meeting by talking more about negotiations for the purchase of real estate. The property that was looked at a few weeks ago was the old Final Touch location which is adjacent to other City-owned property that could create a larger redevelopment project in the area for the future.