Courthouse Project Takes Over Majority of Commissioners Meeting

WAYNE – Stonework is well underway for the Wayne County Courthouse restoration project but a few large pieces of stone didn’t turnout the way even the contractors thought it should look.

The regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting was held by video/telephone conference Tuesday morning.

A full crew of under 10 people, from Kingery Construction, Mid Continental Restoration and Berggren Architects joined the board to answer questions. Berggren Architects opened their portion of the meeting by talking about an updated schedule that shows a lot of work being done and more planned over the next couple weeks, weather permitting.

President with Mid Continental Restoration, Frank Halsey with Mid Continental talked more about the stone seams and something they would have liked to known ahead of time.

“In the continental United States, you will not find a red sandstone quarry with more than 18-24 inches of consistent bedding before you start running into defects in the stones or those types of deficiencies and so forth.”

Less than a half of dozen stones are at issue but there are three primary ones being the largest most prominent stones on the south entrance.

Two options were brought forward of either cutting the epoxy out and patch it up by mixing some pink and dark red and blend it all together or replacing the top portion.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, board members took the meeting outside to the courthouse parking lot to look at the stones. Although there are some issues with the stone, it’s a good match with the courthouse according to Architectural Mentor with Berggren Architects, Doug Elting.

“If you cut the face you get that more modeled currency but when you split the face it matches extremely close,” Elting added. “So, the actually aggregate, the stone color, is about as close as you can possibly get.”

The board will be informed from the contractors as they look to see if they can take off the top 10 inches from these stones.

Toni Hytrek with Hytrek Lawn Service also brought forward concerns about the courthouse lawn on the west and south sides to the board. Toni stuck around to talk with the contractors who assured her they plan on re-grading in early May and re-seeding shortly after. Hytrek has until around May 15 to apply their first step for spraying for the courthouse for crabgrass and weeds.

The heavy equipment from the telehandlers has caused deep ruts with some areas being more than 6 inches. Toni was also concerned about using some of her equipment over these ruts as board members mentioned to just mow around it and don’t worry about appearance right now since it will be getting torn up.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, May 5 at 9 a.m.