County Budget, Final Tax Request Hearings Scheduled For Tuesday

WAYNE – As the Wayne County Courthouse is closed Monday, the following day with be the first Tuesday of the month for the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

From the courthouse courtroom, the regularly scheduled meeting will be held on September 3 at 9 a.m.

County Court Clerk Magistrate, KimBerly Hansen will discuss with the board about purchasing additional chairs. A motion will be needed from the board as the chairs would be for the courtroom.

Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey will also address the board about a resolution pertaining to the One and Six-Year Plan and the Standardized System of Annual Reporting (SSAR). No. 19-18 will authorize the signing of the County Annual Certification Program of Compliance form and resolution replacing the annual filing of the documents.

Commissioners will open a pair of public hearings to receive taxpayer support, opposition or comments on the proposed 2019-20 Wayne County Budget and final tax request. The board will then consider and take action on their budget for 2019-20.

Berggren Architects will close out the meeting by providing an update on the Courthouse Exterior Restoration project and bring forth information on a custodial workshop.