County Attorney To Draw Up Resolutions For Specific Properties Where Taxes Are Delinquent, CBMP Project #4 Bids Accepted

WAYNE – Several action items from the Wayne County Treasurers office were brought forward ahead of a wind energy update and bid opening during the regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners Tuesday morning meeting.

From the Public Safety Annex, the Wayne Board of Equalization first received and approved the motor vehicle tax exemption for a new vehicle at Providence Medical Center.

Wayne County Treasurer, Tammy Paustian approached the board looking to clean up taxes with a list of personal taxes and parcels of real estate that are delinquent.

The personal taxes were stricken but will remain on the books in case the owners return to Wayne County as a lean then would be put on their property. Personal taxes that were on the list have ben either deleted off the Assessors log or the trailer is physically gone and have had distress warrants sent out for numerous years which either are returned or ignored.

An Issuance of Tax Sale Certificates was approved being a blanket resolution but each parcel of real estate in the county would need a resolution before moving on a tax sale.

County Attorney Amy Miller will next work on resolutions for each specific piece of property as commissioners will look to approve these items next meeting. The Wayne County Tax Sale is on the first Monday in March as for delinquent taxes which are not paid, the county would then take over ownership before putting them up for auction and the highest bidder would receive the property.

Wayne County Board of Commissioners also transferred future collections in a new road/bridge fund as the South Centennial project is complete. The only items left to be paid are delinquent taxes to be covered.

Representatives with the Haystack Wind Energy project provided an update with the ultimate goal of being complete and out by Christmas. A circuit will soon be going online which has eight turbines and blades might be starting to spin in the next couple of weeks.

There have been some delays in certain component delivers as five sets of blades will also be delivered through the second week in November.

A pair of bids were then accepted from Dixon Construction as well as A&R Construction for County Bridge Match Program project #4. This would eliminate two bridges and replace one with a 54-foot long culvert. A&R was the low bid by just over $100,000 at $383,041.25 as Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey will be checking their numbers before final approval.

Wayne County preferred this project be complete by May as the specs stated a time frame of June 2022 to August 2022 with 65 working days allowed. Commissioners will check with A&R if they could start sooner as right-of-way paperwork is needed to be complete being the next step with two landowners.

The state would reimburse Wayne County 55% of eligible costs on the project.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, October 5 at 9 a.m.