Council To Act On Purchase Of Backhoe Loader, Discuss/Take Action On Staff Direction

WAYNE – As a new councilmember was appointed by the mayor last month, the final vacant council seat will be updated by Mayor Cale Giese during Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, the meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. with the mayoral appointment for Ward 3 followed by the Oath of Office.

A second recording ordinance will be in front of council seeking approval to adopt the ‘Official City of Wayne Ward Map’.

Two bids were then obtained for the purchase of a new backhoe loader and related equipment for the water/sewer/electric distribution departments. Council will then act on approving the specifications and authoring the purchase through the State Bid System. After reviewing the bids and visiting the dealers to look at the machines, staff is recommending accepting the low bid for the John Deere provided by Murphy Tractor & Equipment for $97,400. This includes the trade-in of the 1999 John Deere 310SE backhoe of $26,500. The new backhoe is comparable in size to the old one and the departments will reuse the roller packer and small backhoe bucket they already have. The new backhoe will accommodate a breaker and will have a forklift attachment.

A second resolution will pertain to authorizing participation in the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District. In September of 2021, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development updated its procurement requirements as it relates to development districts. Those changes were outlined in the CDBG manual, which now states that the Interlocal Agreement must specifically address the issue of CDBG administration. NNEDD has updated the Interlocal Agreement by singly adding these three words, “including CDBG administration” at the end of the last paragraph on page one. Due to these changes, NNEDD is asking its members to approve the updated Interlocal Agreement that specifically addresses the issue of CDBG administration.

A pair of agenda items will also be discussed along with possibly seeing action taken upon. They include staff direction for gathering information on changing from wards to at-large and staff direction for a “Sales Tax” ballot question proposal.

Members of the Community Redevelopment Authority will also attend Tuesday evening’s meeting to discuss future goals. A section of the code regarding the CRA as well as a “Property Prioritization Packet” previously put together by Luke Virgil, Executive Director for Wayne Area Economic Development and the handout that Greg Ptacek distributed at a previous meeting can be found in the council packet.