Council To Act On Compensation For Fence Request, Public Hearings On Annexing Real Estate In Northeast Quadrant

WAYNE – From action items to a trio of public hearings, the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, a tabled action item will open the meeting as city staff recently measured space for vegetation between the side yard and the trail on a request to compensate for a fence by homeowner Joe Gubbels.

The trail is approximately 4’8” away from the lot line at the narrowest spot and other open spaces average around six feet. Western Ridge property owners are about three feet away from the physical trail in their backyards and there are other close spots to the trail and side property lines along South Sherman, Third Avenue and Meadow Lane to North Douglas.

More information will be provided during the meeting.

A recommendation will then be made from the LB840 Revolving Loan Fund Review Committee on the application of Nix Wayne, LLC (Sam Nixon and Jimmy John’s Franchise) for a loan in the amount of $300,000. This would be utilized to make improvements to the former First National Bank of Wayne building located at 106 East 7th Street. The vacant building (formerly a drive-thru bank) at Wayne’s main intersection would be converted to a full-service Jimmy John’s franchise. The recommendation states the loan repayment period would be 10 years with an interest rate to be set at one-half the rate set by the primary lender (Primary Lender Rate: 4.625%).

A bid from Robert Woehler & Sons Construction, Inc. will be addressed for the “Wayne Lincoln Street Improvement Project” in the amount of $224,429.00. Olsson, the project engineer, reviewed the lone bid that was submitted.

An action item for payment number one for the “Chicago Street Improvements Project” will then follow for the amount of $15,750 to Robert Woehler & Sons Construction, Inc.

A trio of public hearings are then scheduled pertaining to annexing real estate in the northeast quadrant of the City of Wayne. The City of Wayne wishes to annex the parcel on which Great Dane Trailers (1200 Centennial Road); the Department of Roads Wayne Office (1300 East 7th Street) and Heritage Homes (1519 East 7th Street) are located.

A couple ordinance items will also be brought forward.

One is from Lucas Thompson who has purchased two lots from Todd Luedeke in the Tuffern Blue Estates Subdivision, north and west of Wayne. He is requesting to eliminate the utility easement between the two lots. The other is to amend the zoning map for 200, 204 and 208 South Lincoln Street (third and final reading).

Amendments to the City Administrator’s employment agreement will be available during the meeting prior to approving the contract.

A final action item will be to set budget work sessions for July 19 and August 12 after regular council meetings the next two months.