Council Suspends LB 840 Loans & City Special Assessment Payment Due Dates, Accepts Proposal For Park Canopy Project

WAYNE – As community members did their part during Takeout Tuesday supporting restaurants, councilmembers are following sought in support of businesses while council also awarding a contract for placing a canopy over the stage at Bressler Park.

Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting was held by video/telephone conference.

Council first discussed the suspension of payment due dates for City of Wayne LB 840 loans and special assessments without penalty and interest due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All payments vary with assessments being yearly payments while LB 840 loans range from monthly and others annual payments.

City Finance Director, Beth Porter said the loans are tracked manually and the assessments are tracked through an accounting software but they may be also tracked manually.

“But I think that’s where it needs to be really important that we receive in writing or they contact lettings us know they want this extension,” said Porter. “Otherwise they’re just not paying it. I think we need to have that good-faith reach out that they’re wanting to do an extension.”

Businesses that can make payments can do so, but for those seeking an extension will need to meet with Porter to establish a timeline. She would need either a written letter or an email.

Majority of the March assessments have been paid but if businesses are in need of an extension, the city would be able to work with them. Council made the approval retroactive March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021 for City of Wayne assessments and LB 840 loans.

Council then approved the proposal from Shade Systems, Inc. of $24,830 for the “Bressler Park State Canopy Project”. Discussion first started during the budget planning session when talking about park improvements. City of Wayne workers re-did the stage then the thought moved to covering the area with a canopy.

The design of the canopy would be five poles with two triangular sails which will provide shade on the stage. Council President Jill Brodersen added two reasons the Shade Systems is a better product since they have a 10-year warranty (not prorated) and also the assembly.

“Their shades come and they have the cables in them already and they’re pre-clamped,” Brodersen added. “Then when it attaches to the pole it’s a nice easy just a one bolt goes in. If our guys are putting it on every year and taking it off every fall it was just easier.”

The Shade Systems price also includes an electric access panel so lights on the poles can shine up on the canopy. Lights would still have to be purchased but all the material is stainless steel.

A concern from City of Wayne Street & Planning Director, Joel Hansen was the footings are to be poured with anchor bolts in the concrete.

“But if you don’t have those perfectly lined up our concern is what happens when you’ve got a nine-foot deep footing, 24-inches in diameter sitting in the ground and now it doesn’t work. And now we’re going to be responsible because we messed up; it’s a little different work than the flat work we did for the stage.”

Templates will be included and Shade Systems will be giving their dimensions for city employees to follow. The company can also request the posts are set in the footings itself, not dealing with anchor bolts.

Another action item was pay application No. 1 in the amount of $20,520 to Sioux Contractors, Inc. for the “Wayne Senior Center – Room and Walk-in Freezer Addition Project.”

The town hall meeting on annexation that was originally set for April 21 at 5:30 p.m. from the Wayne Fire Hall has been postponed indefinitely. Councilmembers also heard updates on the water/sewer issues along with COVID-19 pandemic discussion.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be Tuesday, April 21 at 5:30 p.m.