Council Moves Quickly Through Action Items, ‘View From Wayne America’ Highlights City Budget

WAYNE – After the past couple of Wayne City Council meetings have gone long on time due to budget discussion, Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled meeting took less than 30 minutes.

Council and City of Wayne staff met in the community room of the Wayne Community Activity Center and took action on two projects for payment and change orders.

Jon Mooberry with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. joined the meeting virtually explaining change order number one for the “2019 Nebraska Street Improvements Project” in a deduction to Robert Woehler & Sons Construction, Inc.

City Administrator, Wes Blecke said the main part of the deduction was a soil stabilizer wasn’t needed.

“When you first start those projects, you do soil borings to see what the soil would be like,” said Blecke. “So, there were some areas that they thought might be wet, might be tough to dry out. So, they want to put this line item in the bid document. Then when you actually open everything up and see how wet stuff is; we’ve had a pretty good summer for drying.”

Councilmembers also approved the extension of contract completion dates for the Substantial Completion by September 19 and Final Completion by October 19. The delay will push the project back about 18 days. The reasoning of the delay was slightly due to weather and the contractor changing the pipe suppliers along with about 10 days that are COVID related.

Roger Protzman also with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. then joined the meeting virtually addressing the “2019 Water Transmission Main Project” deduction to Rutjens Construction, Inc. The State will have to perform a final walk-thru before the project is signed off as the City will also be chlorinating the water for a 45 – 60-day period into October.

“We are currently chlorinating; you may have noticed that,” Blecke added. “We don’t publicize that we’re chlorinating because honestly we’re on and off so often. We try to keep away from chlorinating 24/7.”

Protzman also thanked the county commissioners for working with the City of Wayne as they kept good communication and were able to grade the roads when needed.

Finance Director, Beth Porter joined Blecke Wednesday morning on Big Red Country ‘KTCH’ 104.9 during “The View from Wayne America”. The interview will again air on The City ‘KCTY’ 98.9/1590 just after 6 p.m. this evening and be found on the ‘Podcasts’ tab under the ‘Community’ drop-down of

A budget hearing will take place during the next meeting.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 1 at 5:30 p.m. The group will continue to meet at the Activity Center in September as it offers a little more space.