Council Approves Nebraska Street Extension Warranty Period, Completion Dates For Pine Heights Project Extended

WAYNE – From a 2019 street project seeing an extended warranty to extension of substantial and completion dates on Pine Heights along with splitting costs with the Wayne Country Club for a new pump on a well were all addressed during the Tuesday night regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, a certificate of extended warranty period for Nebraska Street with a couple of concrete panels showing some random cracking was brought back before council.

The contractor, Robert Woehler & Sons Construction, negotiated with both City Administer, Wes Blecke and Attorney, Amy Miller to shorten the 12-month warranty period and be more specific on what the area was.

“We want to know if the freeze-thaw cycle has any effect on the concrete in breaking,” said Blecke. “We’ll know that by July 8 versus October 8 of next year. We’ll know it by July. So, nine months was doable for the engineer on that.”

Council approved the revised extended warranty and will look at Nebraska Street next year. If the panels with multiple random cracking get worse, they’ll need to be replaced. The City of Wayne will also reserve the right to settle for a monetary amount to replace panels further down the road.

An agenda item which took up most of Tuesday night’s Wayne City Council meeting pertained to the ‘Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements’ project. Myers Construction requested an extension of their contract.

Some reasons that were passed along by Jon Mooberry with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. included employee shortages with COVID, a few rain days within the last month and a couple items that needed changed on the fly.

“They were really good about they didn’t stop the project and ask the engineer to modify things, Blecke added. “In the field, they just worked through it. Things that you just don’t see, you don’t know exactly where the service lines are in the ground or things like that.”

Mooberry stated during the meeting, Myers Construction has made every effort to complete the project as soon as they can. The contractor has brought in a secondary crew for some projects and sub-contracted other work.

The original substantial completion was scheduled for October 1 and will now be November 5 with the new final completion date being November 19.

The change order was approved 5-1 (Woehler in descent) with one councilmember excused and another seat vacant.

An item that made Blecke more comfortable granting the extension was that the grant has also been extended through next May.

Roughly 90% of the paving has been complete as the contractor looks to finish up some final projects and the concrete cures. If temperatures drop below freezing, the contractor will blanket the sub-grade and add temperature probes to maintain the ideal temperature during the critical cure time for concrete.

Council then approved a proposal from Olsson for engineering design services for the “Chicago Street and Storm Sewer and Paving” project.

Chicago Street will tie in South Sherman to South Douglas to South Lincoln that was platted in 2016.

The $32,600 proposal from Olsson was approved as Blecke mentioned it’ll be cost effective to design both the street and sewer.

“I think it makes sense to have it all done at the same time,” Blecke mentioned. “So, that’s the plan right now we’ll see what the costs come in at and decide what we want to do with that. But Chicago Street will start being designed here very shortly.”

More information was then provided on cost-sharing with the Wayne Country Club for roughly $17,700 each for a new pump on a well.

Council approved the contract of $35,405 to Downey Drilling for the “Well Number Six Pump Replacement” project.

The ultimate goal is to pump well six to clear well seven. Both well six and seven are in emergency status due to high selenium and nitrates in well six and high selenium well seven.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, November 2.