Council Extends Nebraska Street Improvement Project Warranty, Pine Heights Project Showing Delays

WAYNE – Most of Tuesday night’s Wayne City Council regularly scheduled meeting was highlighted by action items to extend the warranty period on Nebraska Street due to concrete cracking and updates on the Pine Heights project.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, Raegen Reifenrath, a sophomore psychology major at Wayne State College first approached the board with a request item to keep a rabbit inside the city limits for the purpose of being an “Emotional Support Animal”. The small-breed rabbit will remain in her dorm room on campus.

Since Reifenrath lives on campus and previously received approval by the State College System, council also approved the request. Rabbits specifically are listed as allowable with city council approval.

Moving into later in the meeting, council addressed the 2019 Nebraska Street Improvement Project where about a block and a half segment is showing some surface cracking.

Nebraska Street was paved last year as the warranty is up on October 8. Council recently had the 2019 Nebraska Street pavement subgrade evaluated through Certified Testing Service, Inc. for $4,500. The soil was compacted well and there were no long term concerns.

The project was done in two phases as similar cracking is not being found in the first phase.

A recommendation from the engineer, JEO Consulting Group, Inc. is to extend the warranty for a year. Some fees will need to be covered as there’ll be some negotiating taking place prior to the next meeting.

If there is no more cracking over the next year, only a couple of panels would need to be replaced. The contractor, sub-contractor and city officials all want to make sure there is a good functional street for the public to drive on for many years. The contractor has met all standards of the project and is continuing to work with the city engineer to work on some other items.

Council was also informed the “Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements” project was about a month behind. The project started on April 15 and was scheduled to be complete by October 1 but will now be pushing into November. Work on sanitary and water lines caused some delays as Meyers Construction, Inc. even brought in a sub-contractor to help get caught up on a few items.

Dirt work for the sub-grade preparation is next as the paver should be in town soon before starting to pour the concrete. The contractor will need to monitor the temperature for the concrete to cure correctly in the cooler weather.

City employees have been trimming trees for the past six weeks, being a city ordinance, and are in the southeast part of town. Tree branches will need to be at least seven feet off the sidewalk and 12 feet above the street, so the snow trucks don’t hit them. It’s been about 10 years since the trees have been trimmed.

Council approved a sidewalk relocation that bends around a spruce tree at 601 Westwood Road. Paul Lindner has a spruce tree that has grown over the sidewalk and he didn’t want to trim up his tree which was planted when it was three-feet tall 31 years ago.

HunTel.Net, Inc., d/b/a American Broadband made the same request as Black Hills Energy and ALLO. The Initial Community-Wide Technology Over-Build Agreement was approved between the City of Wayne and ABB. ABB has also taken over the assets of BNT and are continuing to work on their Fiber to Home and Fiber to Business. Drawings will be needed from ABB as the communications company is working quickly to next hire a contractor.

An old Quonset building will be leaving town this weekend as Mark Meyer with Milo Meyer Construction will be moving the 20X50-foot structure that is 11-feet tall. Meyer will be leaving south out of town early Sunday morning. Council waived the requirement to have an engineer certificate stating the weight of the structure would not damage the street.

Wayne Area Economic Development was on the agenda to prohibit parking on Main Street in the 200 and 300 blocks during the Christmas In Wayne (parade of lights celebration). The event is scheduled for Thursday, November 18.

Chicago Street is a street that was dedicated to the City of Wayne in November of 2017 by Battle Creek Coop and Brent Pick. A storm drain pipe will need to be moved to free up three lots to be developed by the end of 2022. The City of Wayne had 10 years to pave the street but the five-year time limit to move the storm sewer is coming up next November.

The street will go from South Sherman Street, go across South Douglas Street before tying into South Lincoln Street as all three streets are currently dead-end streets.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, October 5.