Council Advances Sale Of Property For R. Perry Construction To Construct A $21 Million Apartment Complex To Third Reading

WAYNE – A nearly three-hour long Wayne City Council meeting kicked off the month of March earlier this week with half of the time taken up regarding the R. Perry Construction, Inc. agreement for an apartment complex that will move into it’s third and final reading during the next meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, councilmembers first heard from Doug Temme, Wayne County Ag Society President requesting to have the City of Wayne forgive their sewer bill.

There a leak in their water line at the fairgrounds and the board will have to dig the line up to fix the problem. Temme stated they’re fine paying the water bill since it already went through the line but none of the water went down the sewer. The board approved the sewer bill portion to be waived as this is the second time that the Wayne County Ag Society made the request with previous being inside a building that froze.

Reports were then given by Heather Headley, Wayne Public Library Director as well as Diane Bertrand with the Wayne Senior Center.

Headley updated the council on an increase of numbers following the pandemic and are looking forward to starting an addition to the library to expand for more room.

Council approved the detailed plan of operation and budget to the Northeast Nebraska Area Agency of Aging for the Wayne Senior Center Fiscal Year 2022. Bertrand brought forward reimbursement funds along with a future project to renovate the kitchen.

Following approval of second readings for the future land use map of the comprehensive plan for the City of Wayne, zoning map amendment for Sanctuary Apartments, LLC and annexing the new Dollar General lot, several members of the public voiced their concerns about the future development of an eight-acre piece of land being the upper rugby fields (northwest of Summer Sports Complex).

The City of Wayne went out for proposals and received two back as council opted with R. Perry out of Sioux City, IA brining forward a large apartment complex.

Tuesday night’s discussion was highlighted by is this the best for Wayne and the price of the land being sold for $1.

Wayne Mayor Cale Giese said the concerns from the public are valid.

“The government is subsidizing this housing developer to add units,” said Giese. “Is it too much, can the market handle it, this might impact my business; very concerned about that. They had some other concerns too about is it the best location in town.”

Council did vote 6-1 (Chris Woehler in descent both times) for second reading of directing the sale of lot 3 to R. Perry Construction along with approving the purchase agreement between the City of Wayne and R. Perry Construction. City Attorney, Amy Miller made sure there was information in the agreement in which the company doesn’t follow through, the land would be foreclosed and be given back to the City of Wayne. If the ordinance of directing the sale for third reading on March 15 doesn’t pass, then the purchase agreement would be void.

“So, if you feel very strongly about this one way or another,” Giese added. “If you think that Wayne should do housing and if the government should be aggressive about getting involved in the development of housing or if you think the government should stay out or that the package is not the right choice for Wayne, contact your councilmember.”

Council then approved the lone bid received for the “2022 Aquarius Tank Diffuser Replacement Project” for $389,720 from Philip Carkoski Construction and Trenching, Inc. out of Loup City. The only price council could compare to, was the $400,000 engineering estimate. The project would begin once Wayne State College is out of session with the labor intensive project scheduled to be completed by return of the Fall of 2022 WSC semester.

Other resolution items approved included a contract between the City of Wayne and Carlson West Povondra Architects for improvements, upgrades and a potential addition to the Activity Center along with the “Northeast Nebraska 911 Regional Interlocal Agreement” in which Chief of Police, Marlen Chinn will service on the committee representing Wayne.

Discussion was then brought up on the Wayne Community Redevelopment Authority moving a house at 711 Main that they do not want to demolish. Council did approve to free up lot 200 on South Lincoln Street. The CRA would then look to sell the house to make a profit for both City of Wayne and to utilize in future developments that the CRA is working on. A Chicago Street project will be taking place this summer which will free up a few lots owned by the City of Wayne.

Council then formally approved the updated housing study with a March date on it with workforce TIF being utilized. A provision in the statute stated there must be an updated housing study every two years. The document is now online at the

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 15 at 5:30 p.m.

Complete View Interview with City of Wayne Mayor, Cale Giese and City Administrator, Wes Blecke: