Comprehensive Plan For City Of Wayne, Restoration Of Walking Trail Project Addressed

WAYNE – A pair of agenda items took center stage during the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

The public could join the meeting from their computer, tablet or smartphone by going to the website. The public hearing to consider the Planning Commissions recommendation in regard to amending the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Wayne as well as change orders for the “Restoration of Walking Trail Project” took up most of the near two-and-a-half-hour meeting.

The public hearing was scheduled to amend the zoning map from the upper rugby fields within the corporate limits along with changes within the two-mile planning jurisdiction which the Planning Commission approved unanimously.

The commission and council are looking to develop some multi-family and right now the zoning is public green space. The location is also near the wastewater treatment plant which is zoned industrial.

Street & Planning Director Joel Hansen added the public green space was done as part of the comprehensive plan and review in 2017 by professional planners.

“They did that after several rounds of public meetings,” said Hansen. “Public surveys that anybody could take on our website so that was based off of a broad appeal of the community that said that’s what they wanted there. It wasn’t just the fact that the planning commission or the city council at the time made it happen, that was after a lot of public input.”

Another major change in the map was the mixed use residential/commercial areas saw quite a bit of growth along the highway corridors.

“Then also down there on the east side of the main street a lot of that area that was multi-family residential were proposing mixed use,” Hansen added. “So, hopefully you see a lot more areas where small businesses could take up a small barber shop or something that serves the needs of the people living in the neighborhood.”

Following public comment council moved forward in amending the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Wayne. It was also brought up the map should be looked at more than just updating the plan since ideas might change of what should go where.

Later in the meeting, council denied one change order and approved another for the “Restoration of Walking Trail Project” to M&B Quality Concrete.

Council denied the action (7-1) of the change order for concrete of $7,500 to stabilize the construction entrance and staging area required for the equipment to complete the work on the project. The crushed concrete would limit tracking of soil and mud onto the highway. Councilmembers then approved (7-1) of the change order for $374,177.50 which comes as a result of visual observations of the site after preconstruction meeting. The price represents additional steel sheet piling and bank restoration being extended 100 feet in a westerly direction. The mitigation expense would be shared with FEMA (75%), NEMA (12.5%) and the City of Wayne (12.5%) just like the restoration expense is.

An amendment was also approved (7-1) to Leo A Daly’s original agreement represents additional engineering services for $12,500 with the “Restoration of Walking Trail Project”.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting would be Tuesday, May 5 at 5:30 p.m.