Community Visioning Session Brings Forth Ideas


WAYNE – Roughly 70 people attended a community visioning session Thursday evening discussing the future of Wayne area and what they would like to see in Wayne.

From the newly renovated Wayne Country Club clubhouse, the session was led by the Nebraska Community Foundation and Wayne Area Legacy Fund.

Both Janny Crotty, of Auburn, the assistant director of advancement at the Nebraska Community Foundation and Kara Weander-Gaster, of Norfolk (previously a Wayne Blue Devil) the affiliated fund coordinator for northeast Nebraska were Thursday’s presenters.

Crotty mentioned she saw a community that has a lot to be proud of.

“When you get together and celebrate the things that you have to be proud of and talk about how you can continue to invest in those things and what kind of future do you want to create for your place, your hometown 20 years from now,” Crotty mentioned. “There’s just a lot of energy in the room and I saw a lot of people who are really proud to live in Wayne.”

A similar visioning session was held in 2016 where a handful in attendance Thursday participated in that event.

After a brief welcome and introductions, the question of ‘ proud moments in Wayne?’ was asked followed by a description of what could be seen in the community during the year 2035. Each table talked amongst themselves before sharing with the entire group.

Weander-Gaster added there were some great conversations throughout the roughly 90-minute visioning session.

“But I think there was some nice inter-communication around the community,” Weander-Gaster added. “I had one gal just say to me ‘it’s nice to just be able sit down and talk like a community.’ And I think that’s sometimes what’s so amazing about our work is that we do get to encourage communities to be community. “

Following a brainstorming session of what each table would like to see in Wayne, the entire group clustered their ideas together.

The Wayne Area Legacy Fund will take this information moving forward in their granting process where they are also working towards raising one million dollars for their Unrestricted Endowment Fund where they can contribute $50,000 back to the community each year.

Contact Bill Dickey, Chairman of the Wayne Area Legacy Fund or any one of their members if you’re interested in joining and sharing ideas.