Wayne FFA/Ag Community Breakfast Provides Five-Year Update

WAYNE – A five-year review was presented Wednesday morning by a few of the Wayne FFA Chapter board members and co-advisors.

From the Wayne Fire Hall, a Community Breakfast was put on by Wayne Community Schools Foundation and food provided by Tacos & More.

Co-Advisor, Toni Rasmussen and Ag Educator said Ben Sandoz, Ella Leseberg, Riley Haschke and Logan Miller were the students who presented to roughly 30 members from the ag community, foundation, school and community members on Wednesday.

“Just an update on the Ag program and where we’ve been in five years and where we hope to or could grow to,” said Rasmussen. “Students presented and did a majority of the work in discussing and updating as we tell everybody about the events that we do.”

There were 82 total members who participated in the Wayne FFA Chapter this past year which made up roughly 25-30% of the total high school students enrolled. There were also 20 seniors.

Wayne FFA will be entering their sixth year as Ms. Rasmussen will be joined by Michelle Ekberg starting in the 2022-23 school year.

Rasmussen added the biggest challenge is supervision.

“When you have that many students going places or that many students that you have at meetings it’s just really nice to have another set of eyes,” Rasmussen added. “An assistant coach there or a co-coach to help you out with answering questions and helping them out with preparing for contests as well.”

Wayne FFA will have a busy summer attending a number of activities and offering community service. Rasmussen has also been completing SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experiences) visits with members of the Wayne FFA Chapter.

Rasmussen mentioned it’s been everything and more than she could have hoped for as far as community support and student involvement these past five years.

“How the school has rallied around the Ag program as well has been overwhelming at times but also really neat to see,” Rasmussen mentioned. “When you start looking at other schools and what they offer and their Ag programs, it’s just neat to see that Wayne in five years has become at the top of the state.”

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