Commissioners Voice Concerns About Haystack Wind Project Proposal For Roads, Meeting To Reconvene At 1 PM For COVID-19 Discussion

WAYNE – Project developer with Tradewind Energy, Kate Hopkins attended the Tuesday morning Wayne County Commissioners regularly scheduled board meeting before the meeting was then recessed until the afternoon for a COVID-19 discussion.

Commissioners met in the public safety annex meeting room near the Wayne County Courthouse.

Hopkins brought forward a proposed road use agreement between the county and Tradewind Energy for the Haystack project. All three commissioners came to agreement they didn’t want to sign anything until they knew more information. Hopkins added the preliminary site lay-out plan was 10% complete and the next milestone for Tradewind is 30%.

Highway superintendent, Mark Casey stated the two highest concerns is Wayne county needs to know where the laydown yard and concrete batch plant will be so they can start addressing the road and bridge concerns. The safety of those who drive and live on the roads being affected are at the county officials most concern.

Another item that would need to be addressed would be having the wind energy company supply a stock pile of gravel for all the roads being used before day one of approving the road use agreement. Tradewind Energy is looking to begin testing roads in April.

The board will discuss more when they meet in early April as some language in the previous agreement with the Plum Creek project will need to be added for the Haystack project.


Bids were also accepted for supplying materials for County Bridge Match Program (CBMP) #3 in Wayne and Thurston counties. All bids were tabled so they could be submitted to Thurston county officials to look over the bids.

Total bid prices were accepted from Contech Engineered Solutions ($93,002); B’s Enterprises, Inc. ($98.644); Midwest Service and Sales ($104,524.18) and Metal Culverts ($104,963.25).


The board will reconvene at 1 p.m. Tuesday from the courtroom to discuss more about COVID-19. Julie Rother, health director with the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department spoke to the board Tuesday morning about the novel coronavirus. There has been no community transition within the health district that serves Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne counties but there was a case of an individual in a neighboring health district last week in Crofton. The call came into NNPHD at around 4:15 p.m. last Monday (March 9) before health officials moved forward and contacted the area superintendents within the school districts to complete an online survey which saw a tremendous return rate.

Health officials are recommending that people avoid close contact of six feet or less and avoid conversation longer than 10 minutes. Running water and soap is the best practice along with using hand sanitizer and staying home when sick. Rother added depending on the individual, the shortest window of someone being infected from the coronavirus is two days while the maximum being seen is 14 days to be in isolation or in quarantine.

It was also brought up that when someone is running a fever, they are most infectious as specific signs are coughing, shortness of breath or trouble breathing.

For those who traveled recently should contact the health department at 402-375-2200 who will talk them through the steps.