UPDATED: Commissioners Sign MOU To Assist Veterans By Utilizing A Database, Grant 5.9% Increase On Employee Raises

WAYNE – A two-day Wayne County Commissioners meeting began Tuesday morning going through a few items.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, District 2 Commissioner vice-chair Dean Burbach ran the meeting as District 1 Commissioner chairman Terry Sievers was excused from the meeting due to personal reasons.

Commissioners acted on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Wayne County signed a contract with the web based “VetraSpec” database. This contract could be extended for up to six years.

The “VetraSpec” program will allow Wayne County to view and add certain information to the web-based program in order to assist veterans and or their eligible dependent(s) to access benefits. The Memorandum of Understanding is in effect from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023. If mutually agreed upon in writing, the MOU could then be renewed for two additional two-year periods.

Mark Casey, Highway Superintendent then gave road and bridge project updates. He stated the 911 address signs for the Haystack Wind Energy project are in as they’ll need to be posted on the tower number posts. Also, Wayne County submitted three applications for the next round of County Bridge Match Program (CBMP) projects and should be finding out on January 14 which ones were accepted or denied.

The Wayne County Board of Commissioners then reconvened their meeting Wednesday morning from the Public Safety Annex with all three board members present to elect representatives for the chair and vice-chair for both the Wayne County Board of Commissioners as well as Board of Equalization.

Jim Rabe will now be the Board of Commissioners chair with Terry Sievers serving as Board of Equalization chair as Dean Burbach will serve as vice-chair for both boards. All other positions and boards remained the same.

Also, commissioners acted on employee raises for 2022. With the  raises for elected officials already set, the board has gone with $1,500 raises in year’s past but with the social security cost of living on the rise, the board wanted to stay consistent as county employees will be receiving a 5.9% increase.

When given an example, the updated road employee wages would now be $26.05 per hour or a total of $3,016.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, January 18 at 9 a.m.