Commissioners Refinance Bond, Updates Provided

WAYNE – Board of Commissioners heard updates on LB 102 along with a hazmat software before refinancing the 2015 Highway Allocation Bond.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, the board held their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday morning.

Deb Allemann-Dannelly, Clerk of District Court, addressed Legislative Bill 102 about transitioning the duties of the clerk of district court to the clerk of magistrate. She emailed 93 district clerks and has drafted a letter to be sent to the Nebraska legislature in opposition of merging the two courts before the bill is brought forward to the Judiciary Committee at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 25.

Each of the commissioners planned on talking with Deb about how they feel. She also stated during the meeting that NACO is normally neutral but did oppose the bill.

Wayne County Emergency Manager, Nic Kemnitz provided more information about the PEAC Hazmat Planning Software for Worst-Case Hazard Analysis. With March 1 being the deadline for chemicals to be reported, last year’s report saw 12 facilities in Wayne County report 173 different chemicals.

All first responders in Wayne county would have access to this software. The Wayne County Board of Commissioners did approve to purchase the software for $3,500. Following the first year, a renewal for each year after would be only $2,500.

Andy Forney with D.A. Davidson & Companies brought forward two options of either paying off the 2015 Highway Allocation Bond or to refinance as rates continue to remain low. Wayne county was paying 2.7% on the bond as the board did approve to refinance at 0.51% which will see a gross savings of $62,000 by the time the bond is scheduled for final payment on December 15, 2027.

There was about $935,000 remaining on the 2015 bond while the board rolled their 2014 bond into the 2019 Highway Allocation Bond in 2019 and has three more years before they could address that.

Prior to closing the meeting, the board did table in making a recommendation to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission on a Manger Application for the Wayne County Ag Society Liquor License.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, March 2.