Commissioners Proceed With Architect Insurance Recommendation, Email Being Drafted For NextEra Wind Energy

WAYNE – For the second time in October, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners only had a few topics on the agenda which was kept to under an hour Tuesday morning.

From the courtroom of the Wayne County Courthouse, commissioners discussed the contractor’s insurance values that were stated in the Courthouse Exterior Restoration Project bid. The addendum would have been changing the insurance plan in case of catastrophic damage, which was scaring off most of those bidding on the project.

Commissioners decided to proceed with the previous recommendation from Berggren Architect for insurance requirements on the project.

An annual report was signed by chairman Jim Rabe about the Nebraska Board for Public Roads, Classifications and Standards Certification of Compliance Form 6 and the LB, 904 Addendum.

Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey also presented an email draft he wants to send to NextEra for roads during the Sholes Wind Energy Project. It was stated in the meeting that the company is about three weeks behind schedule with weather and turbine delivers being delayed.

Michael Pieper, Attorney for Wayne County was going to look over the email.

Commissioners would like for the company to make the roads passable for two vehicles with harvest going on and other county traffic using the roads.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners will be on Tuesday, November 6 at 9 a.m.