Commissioners Cap Courthouse Exterior Renovation Project At $2 Million

WAYNE – Over the past month Wayne County Commissioners have spent a good portion of their meetings focused on one subject, as Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting approached three hours.

From the courtroom of the Wayne County Courthouse, commissioners heard updates from Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership and received bids for a new articulated motor grader. But discussion was had mainly on the Wayne County Courthouse Exterior Renovation Project.

Commissioners talked amongst themselves prior to a conference call with Berggren Architects and then had more discussion following the phone call.

A decision needed to be made and all three commissioners approved the agreement between Kingery Construction and Wayne County entering into a contract in the amount of $2 million. According to county clerk Deb Finn, “Within this contract will be an allowance for the re-pointing or existing brick-work focusing on the most critical areas first, and proceeding as far as the allowance permits.”

Kingery is the General Contractor who will be working with the subcontractors to establish the official numbers from a few changes.

To lower the cost, the use of a pre-mix Type ‘L’ lime mortar will now be used and power tools will be used instead of removing brick by hand. Also, the tuckpointing of critical brick areas will be included via an allowance.

Commissioners decided to forgo the copper cladding on oriel bays per the State Historic Preservation Office review and the masonry cleaning of the brick (stone cleaning will remain).

More information will be provided at future meetings.

Earlier Tuesday morning, the commissioners received five bids from three suppliers for a motor grader. Bids from Murphy Tractor & Equipment Company, Nebraska Machinery Company and Road Builders Machinery & Supply Company, Inc. were tabled until the next meeting to compare prices and types of motor graders from each company.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, December 18 at 9 a.m.