Commissioners Approve Three Projects In District III, Sign Final Document For CBMP (3) Project

WAYNE – A trio of bids were submitted for three projects all in District III of Wayne County during the regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, Highway Superintendent Mark Casey accepted the bids as the three projects will take place all within a mile of each other on 559 Rd.

Midwest Service and Sales was awarded the low bid of $106,295.41 with delivery dates of 4-5 weeks, 4-5 weeks and 6-8 weeks on the respective Hoskins Northwest projects for corrugated metal pipes and headwalls.

Other bids came from B’s Enterprises and Metal Culverts.

The board also signed the final document needed before being reimbursed for proper completion of County Bridge Match Program (CBMP-3) on the D. Junck bridge. Cash cost from Wayne County was $41,888.19 including time and equipment totaling a little over $54,000. The 55% percent reimbursement will gain the county about $29,900.

Casey also brought forward discussion about reconsidering liquidated damages in the amount of about $113,000 for the Temme bridge project being delayed. Everyone agreed Wayne County will not forgive the amount and won’t re-visit on the county level.

Orsted has now purchased Tradewind and the group now has a road bond in place with Wayne County instead of the cash amount. Some confusion had to be figured out of what goes into the stockpile as equipment for the Haystack wind project will be driving on about 7.6 miles of dirt roads in the county. A cement treatment stabilization will be completed to make sure the equipment won’t sink into the ground. Wayne County officials will not be taking on more responsibility when it comes to maintaining these dirt roads (minimum maintenance roads) or snow removal.

Tammy Paustian, county treasurer, also provided the total amount of money involved among the 49 new (2019) and 104 total distress warrants issued.

With one commissioner not at the meeting, the board decided to not act on the Certificate of Partial Substantial Completion for the Courthouse Restoration Project.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, November 17 at 9 a.m.