Commissioners Approve Tax Dollar Requests, Recess Budget Work Session Until August 11

WAYNE – Of the preliminary tax dollar requests and adoption of allocation resolutions for seven entities on Tuesday morning’s agenda, only two saw an increase while the other requests were the same as last year.

From the Public Safety Annex, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners first heard from the Wayne County Ag Society. The group requested the same amount of $90,000 as in the 2019 tax request as the Ag Society provided their capital improvements over the past decade totaling $363,000 and beyond.

With no Wayne County Fair this year, the group put on a 4-H/FFA Fair and will be holding the money they received until commercial vendors decide to donate it or ask for a refund. Fair Board members also thanked the Commissioner for all of their help and stated a lot of volunteer labor saves on many expenses and the Fair Board members are very talented.

2020 preliminary requests which saw no increase were from the Ag Society ($90,000); Library ($13,000); Hoskins Fire District #3 ($65,500), Winside Fire District #4 ($49,148) and Wakefield Fire District #9 ($110,000). Carroll Fire District #1 saw an increase of $5,610 and Wayne Fire District #2 increased by $2,240.

After several months of county attorney Amy Miller working with Tradewind Energy, the Haystack Road Maintenance Agreement was approved Tuesday morning, with one final amendment. The one amendment was for a third of a mile west along 855th Rd at the intersection of 565th Ave. for the transmission line to be off the county Right-Of-Way (ROW) but not within 50-feet like the remainder of the project must follow unless previously approved by the commissioners.

Tradewind will be providing the board 30% of design within 180 days of the start of construction while the full design must be submitted within 60 days of construction. Nick Coil stated they’ve narrowed down the number of turbines to between 69-78 at 300 megawatts.

A quote was also received for the chiller replacement of $92,911 to replace the current chiller. No timeline was set as the board would like to see the equipment installed this fall or early spring of 2021. The unit is the same size as the current chiller but the footprint of the new one is a little longer and narrower but not as wide. The board will also look for further information on fixing up the lean-to on the north side of the courthouse to make it look more appealing and fix the rotting spots on the flat, rubber, roof.

An update from Berggren Architects was also provided as work continues on installing the moldings and copper on the east and west windows within the next two weeks. The group is waiting for the special door hinges to arrive as there have been several delays on the shipment due to COVID-19 and the snow guard will also be addressed when the copper is being worked on. There is about $9,000 – $10,000 remaining in the budget for tuckpointing which would zero out the two-million-dollar balance. Change order number three will also be ready for a signature next meeting pertaining to the sidewalk work that was approved in late July. A completion date was also pushed back into early September.

The board will recess their budget work session until Tuesday, August 11 at 9 a.m. as the commissioners will receive budget information either before the weekend or first thing Monday morning to look over the numbers. It was also stated several times that the budget is looking like it’ll all come together this year.